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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kudos to Dave Calloway

Congratulations to Monmouth for their 71-49 victory over Hampton, making me officially 0-1 in my tournament picks. Special kudos to their coach Dave Calloway, who in his postgame comments to Erin Andrews, referred to the game three times as the "play-in game," which it is, then went out of his way to praise his opponent and cite his own team's unfair advantage.

The Pirates had to play four games in four days, concluding with their upset win over Delaware State in the MEAC final on Saturday. Monmouth, meanwhile, took out Fairleigh Dickinson on Wednesday night in the final of the NEC tournament. Calloway was gracious to point out that his team was able to rest longer and then congratulated Hampton for making the NCAA tournament. It's nice to see a coach call it like it is.



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