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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Best and worst mascots

Sports Illustrated recently posted their list of the 10 worst mascots in college sports. I have to agree with many of them, such as that ugly Stanford tree and the shock of wheat that Wichita State uses (boy, THAT'S intimidating).

Here are my favorite college mascots (not including live animals):
1) The St. Joe's Hawk -- That thing just keeps flapping its wings, so how can you not keep cheering?
2) Big Red, the Western Kentucky mascot -- For the wonder of trying to figure out what that thing really is.
3) Bucky Badger -- The toughest-looking rodent in the Midwest.
4) Albert the Gator -- We have to find room for a mascot that's done time on the SportsCenter commercials.
5) Brutus the Buckeye -- Extra points for making a nut into a cool mascot.



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