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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Athletes speaking out

Over the past two weeks, first Tiki Barber and then Peyton Manning have been criticized for making public comments that were negative toward teammates and coaches. I can understand fans' displeasure with their comments. After all, we want all of the players on our teams not only to perform on the field, but also to make us feel good about them by saying and doing all the right things off the field.

But isn't it a little disingenuous of the media to take these guys to task? After all, these are the sound bites that they salivate for. How many times do you hear Bill Belichick cited for making controversial comments? Never, because he doesn't ever make them. He knows they'll be repeated ad nauseum until the next game. He'll be asked to clarify or qualify them in every succeeding press conference. And the media hate him for being bland.

Manning and Barber spoke out about their feelings on the games. Their comments weren't personal toward their teammates and coaches. They were the players' assessments of how the games played out. They answered what they were asked.

The media, yet again, is awash in double standards.



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