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Friday, February 10, 2006

Bizarre basketball box score of the week

Credit to Pat Forde at ESPN for catching this one. Division III produces some wild games, but how about this one for craziness?
  • Beloit beats Grinnell 120-112, in regulation (not overtime)
  • Beloit wins despite not attempting a single 3-point shot; Grinnell shot 60 of them
  • Beloit took 27 fewer shots (93-66) but made more field goals (45-40)
  • Beloit's 6-foot-6 senior Josh Hinz outrebounded Grinnell by himself (36-27). Hinz tied the NCAA Division III record with his rebounding performance and scored 50 points.

Here's the box score:




Anonymous Mike B said...

Dave, Was this game televised? Last year Ryan alerted me to this Grinnell team and how all they do is shoot 3's and rotate players like crazy as they full court press as often as possible. Last year ESPN did televise a Grinnell game and I must say it was rather interesting to watch. Grinnell passed up lay-ups and short jumpers to kick it out for 3 pointers more oftent than not. They substituted in new players in waves like line changes in hockey. Their pressure defense led to some steals but if they didn't get a steal the other team had an easy dunk or layup. They ended up losing the game but it was a different and interesting style of basketball to watch!!

7:51 AM  

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