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Friday, March 17, 2006

It's about to get VERY interesting

Word is the local football team will be signing Terrell Owens in the near future. Having moved here just six months ago, my investment is already paying off. It's going to be a fun season to sit back, watch and laugh.

Talk radio is aflutter with excitement. Many fans are calling in, overjoyed that the Cowboys might have the game-breaking wide receiver who can make the difference for them this year. The personality issues? Water under the bridge. I'm hearing things from the simple: "He can help us win," to the somewhat far-fetched: "We're only one player away and he's that player," to the downright ridiculous: "If T.O. wrecks the locker room, it was meant to be wrecked anyway."

Actually, I think Terrell Owens will be relatively quiet this year. During his first year in Philadelphia, he did everything that was asked of him. In fact he went beyond that -- he worked his way back from a serious ankle injury late in the season to play (and play well) in the Super Bowl. Eagles fans probably don't want me to remind them what happened next.

A few years ago, I referred to Randy Moss as the ultimate siren, because his talent made him attractive to any team looking for a difference-maker, but his personality and seeming ambivalence at times on the field made him a locker-room nightmare. Owens has far exceeded Moss in the past two years.

Owens complicates the picture even more. Not only is he a wonderful player, but he has kept his name out of the police blotters. There are no allegations of drug use or other improprieties in the newspapers. No, Owens simply ruins football franchises. He is the screaming child who bellyaches until he gets dessert, then when his parents give in, he finds something else to scream for.

I wouldn't want to be Drew Bledsoe right now. Owens has a history of making quarterbacks lives more miserable than anyone since Lawrence Taylor. He called Jeff Garcia gay and Donovan McNabb soft. (How funny that they're both on the same team now. Imagine those conversations.)

Oh, and coaches? Owens is a big fan of those. Just as long as they don't tell him what to do. Bill Parcells loved Keyshawn Johnson, who has a history of petulance, but Keyshawn also is a locker room leader and a warrior on the field. Owens is neither.

But, if he behaves, Owens can help the Cowboys win. They haven't won a playoff game since 1996, and fans are starved for success in a city that lives and dies with its football team.

For a franchise with the history and expectations of the Cowboys, the resources of a maverick owner often must be spent gambling. Jerry Jones has obviously decided to hit the track tonight. He'll worry about paying the debt later.



Anonymous Matt said...

He definitely has the talent to help the Cowboys take the next step, but as a fan I find it hard to have good feelings towards this deal because of what T.O. has done to the Cowboys in the past (ie. the start incident).

12:43 PM  

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